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Thursday, January 12, 2012

NBTMV - update on video recording setup, now with Sony Alpha NEX-3 and external mic

In this video I provide an update on my video recording setup at home. For the last few months, I have been using the same setup, recording the videos with a Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX3 digital camera, which has been performing very well but that it doesn’t have an external microphone input and I thought I could improve the sound quality of the video recording by using a camera with an external microphone so I began searching and I found this website called where you can put in various features that you want in the camera for example external microphone, low light sensitivity, a small form factor, specific price points, etc. and the site recommends cameras mathing the features you want. When I put everything I wanted, showed Sony Alpha NEX-3 as a top choice. I checked it out on and they had a good price for a Sony Alpha NEX-3 with a 16mm wide-angle lens, so I bought it along with an external microphone (model Sony ECM-SST1) for recording my videos. Here are some photos of the camera and the camera on a tripod in my video recording setup.

Sony Alpha NEX-3 with external stereo microphone (front view)

Sony Alpha NEX-3 with external stereo microphone (back view)

Sony Alpha NEX-3 with ECM-SST1 external mic mounted on tripod for video recording

Other than the new camera with external microphone, the rest of the video recording setup is the same with three-point lighting system and a black muslin sheet as background.

I recorded this video with the new setup and I think it does sound better with the external microphone. You can judge for yourself by comparing this video with previous ones.
Here's some more information to help you...

Here are links to the camera and external microphone and some accessories:

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