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Friday, January 6, 2012

NBTMV - Ideas for new year’s resolution 2012

Happy new year. I bought a Sony Alpha NEX-3 camera with an external stereo microphone and I’m recording this first video of 2012 using that camera. I hope this video sounds better than my old videos recorded without an external microphone.

It’s early enough in the new year that there’s still time for you to make some new year’s resolutions and follow through on them. Here are  three ideas for new year’s resolutions, for each of which I have videos and other information in my blog.
The first idea has to do with managing your body weight. What with all the food and celebrations during the holidays leading up to the new year, your weight and fitness must be at the top of your mind. I had taken some steps in 2003 to lose over 30 lbs by thinking of my body as a system with food and exercise as input and the weight as the output. I got good results by simultaneously changing my diet (less carbohydrate, more veggies) and increasing the level of exercise. I have more information about this in a previous video.
The second idea for new year’s resolution would be to learn a new language. With all the Spanish-speaking population here in the United States, learning to speak Spanish is an ideal choice. I took the plunge over two years ago and used a 3-step approach to start speaking Spanish -- (1) Listen and Repeat, (2) Listen and Understand, and (3) Start Speaking. You can learn more about my method from some earlier videos.  
And last, but not the least, if you are empty-nesters like us and you're considering picking up traveling abroad, then I have a number of videos where I talk about strategies for starting your world travels. I think you’ll find it worthwhile to consider starting your travels with some guided tours, followed by exploring cities on your own, and finally renting apartments in a city and doing everything on your own.
Those are some of the ideas for new year’s resolutions. I hope you pick one or more of these, consult my videos, and follow through on your new year’s resolutions. Good luck!

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