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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Cloud security from a user’s point of view

As more and more of us begin to rely on cloud services, security is definitely one of the topmost concerns on our mind. From the user’s perspective, whether it’s an individual or an organization, cloud security translates to protecting the information that you’re storing on the cloud. You want the information to be available when you want it, and not be shared with anyone that you don’t want to share with, and make sure that nobody changes that inform ation without your permission or knowledge.
When you use cloud services the cloud provider has a lot of responsibilities for security, but you also share the responsibility of making sure that your login information is secure and you use any security features that are available to you. For example, if the cloud provider offers 2-step verification, as Google does, then you must make sure that you turn on this extra security feature.
As a user, you know that the same cloud services are used by many other users, so you definitely want your cloud service to offer good walls between you and your neighbors so that information cannot maliciously or inadvertently be shared with your neighbors. You’d also want the cloud provider to back up your information and protect it from loss due to technical or natural disasters.
In a nutshell, cloud security is a shared responsibility, where you take care of using all the security features available to you for the login process and the provider carries a much larger burden of protecting your information from other users as well as from outsiders. in particular you’d expect the cloud provider to employ the best security personnel available, follow the latest security procedures,  and adopt the latest technology to keep users separate from each other and to keep any outside attackers away from your information. From my perspective, I think this is what users expect from cloud security.
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